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A Baby Essential:
• For babies 0-24 months.
• Recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
• A safer alternative to loose blankets.
• Helps babies sleep better to promote brain development.
• Protects babies from getting sick due to cold.

Product Features:
• Can’t be kicked off during the active phases of sleep
• Warm but breathable fabric.
• 100% safe materials (with 3rd party certification).
• Inverted zipper for easier diaper change.
• Roomy sack design approved as “hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Trusted by Moms, Doctors, and Hospitals:
• #1 brand in the US for almost 20 years.
• Used and trusted by over 900 US hospitals.
• Voted as #1 Baby Must-Have
• Winner of prestigious product and safety awards.

Created by a parent who lost a child to SIDS, the HALO® SleepSack® is a wearable blanket that eliminates the risk of a baby getting entangled with clothing and loose bedding during sleep. It is worn over pajamas or a t-shirt in place of loose blankets that can easily be kicked off, thus ensuring a better night’s sleep. It is the safer way to sleep. ™

SIDS – the #1 Cause of Infant Death
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden, unexplained death of an infant aged 0-12 months. SIDS hardly makes it in the local news, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. In fact, SIDS and accidental sleep suffocation is the #1 cause of death among seemingly healthy infants worldwide.

Loose Bedding is Unsafe for Babies
The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission warns against loose bedding in the crib. Bedding that bunches up around a baby’s mouth can cause dangerous re-breathing of carbon dioxide –– a leading risk factor for SIDS.

The HALO® SleepSack® Wearable Blanket is the Safer Way to Sleep™
The HALO® SleepSack® wearable blanket eliminates the risk of infants getting loose blankets over or around their face. In addition, parents report their babies sleep better since they are covered throughout the night. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests the use of wearable blankets for reducing the risk of SIDS. And HALO® is the only product to carry the seals of First Candle/SIDS Alliance and the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (CFSID).

Benefits of Using HALO SleepSacks:

1. Keeps Baby Safe
Likely the only time your baby is left unattended for a long period is during sleep. And yet this when your baby is most at risk of SIDS. More than anything else, HALO protects your baby when he needs it most, and that alone makes it a smart investment!

2. Economical
The HALO SleepSack provides an all-in-one solution that replaces all that loose crib bedding sets - at a FRACTION of the cost!

3. Non-toxic and Hypo-allergenic
Babies can easily develop sensitivity to fabrics. That's why HALO uses only premium and non-toxic materials that are third-party certified to be safe for babies.

4. Diaper Duty in 1-2-3
HALO's inverted zipper design makes changing diapers as easy as 1-2-3. This comes in handy especially in the wee hours of the night, with a screaming and kicking baby!

5. Long-term Investment
HALO SleepSacks are purposely designed to fit your baby for a while (unlike most things you buy for baby). This means you get more value for your investment. Money well spent indeed!

6. Easy Laundry
Compared to padded quilts and comforters, laundry time is a breeze with HALO! Its quality fabrics, trims, and zippers can hold up to frequent washing. With reasonable care, it can even last up to your next baby!

7. Happy Baby, Happy Mommy
HALO helps babies sleep better, which is essential for mental and physical development. When baby sleeps better, we all sleep better. A healthy and well-rested baby is a happy baby. And a happy baby makes a happy mommy!

8. All you really need is HALO!
There’s a reason why HALO is the no.1 trusted brand by hospitals and parents. Why risk your baby’s health and safety when all you really need is HALO?

Recommended Age:
Small - birth - 6 mos
Large - 6 months up
X-Large - 12 months up

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